We are TRULY transparent with you. We show you our entire process from our first interaction to the end of the project so there are no surprises.

Yes, Design Thinking and Research Based UX exercises with Agile and Scrum practices to develop your idea faster sounds really f***ing cool.

For our team, it’s simple.

Empathize & Understand
We do not have consultations. We have discussions. What are your biggest challenges? How can we help you? What do you like to do with your free time? During our first call, we want to LISTEN.

At the end of our call, our goal is to provide you with concrete education and knowledge to keep you informed on the latest trends and tools. Whether you pick us, another company, or do it yourself,  equipping people with the right information to make an informed decision is our guiding light. 
If you decide to move forward after our call, our team puts discussion to paper to understand what is the best way to bring your idea to life.  Next, we will walk you through our entire proposal, including the proposed architecture, scope of work, deliverables, timeline, meetings, what to expect, responsibilities and roles to ensure you understand EXACTLY what is happening and when. 
Honestly, we hate this part, but once our scope of work is approved, we will send you the Statement of Work with general terms to ensure both parties are protected equally for you to sign. NO HIDDEN FEES. If there are any questions or concerns, we will walk you through each part of the contract to ensure you are comfortable moving forward. 

After the Statement of Work is signed, our team is on the move to setup the entire project from end-to-end so we do not miss a step in our first workshop. Don’t worry, we will review each one of these in our kick-off call:

ꞏ Communication channels
ꞏ Deliverables
ꞏ Project Management Software
ꞏ Timelines
ꞏ Meetings & Workshops
Are we done with all that? Finally. Let’s move. Once we have successfully onboarded, our first kick-off workshop will review each detail of the project. From there, we will begin to ask several questions tailored to your project. Whether we are working on your next idea, a website refresh, a campaign idea, branding, or all of that, we start with the basics.

1. What do you want your idea or project to feel like? Look like?

2. What is the true value we are creating or sharing with your users?

3. Do you have ideas or inspirations you want to share?

4. Are there other brands or ideas you have seen that sparked something positive with you?
Prepare for Liftoff
Over the series of the first two weeks, we conduct several workshops and exercises to build the foundational aspects of our deliverables to allow our team of creatives to understand the direction, motive, and feel to ideate. You can expect to hear terms like this in the first two weeks:

1. Sitemap
2. Data Architecture
3. Customer Journey
4. Automation Flow
Our Tools
Every idea has the power to create change. However, every idea is different. Some need to be nurtured. Some need to be left to grow. Some need to be challenged.

We hand craft and select several exercises to unlock the full potential of your idea so we can make informed decisions about your brand. 

Here is just a small list of what we might do with you

T-Bar Exercises
Empathy Maps
User Persona Buildings
Journey Mapping
Rose-Thorn-Bud Workshops
Priority Maps
Keyword Relationships
Mood Boards
The “cocktail party” workshop
The “5 Whys:

And more…Here is just a small list of what we do in the background

Keyword research
UX Trends & Analysis
Industry Trends
Competitor Analysis
Social Listening
UX analysis
No Code Tools Selection
Capture, done. Clarify, done. Let’s Create! As we enter the blast-off stage, we bring all our exercises, workshops, and discussions to life with various visual concepts to receive approvals on a creative direction through and through. Here’s what you can expect:

ꞏ Wireframes
ꞏ Visual Design Elements
ꞏ Animations
ꞏ Micro-Interactions
ꞏ Infographics
ꞏ Content
Once our concepts are signed off, we start building an end-to-end working prototype which will be an exact replica of your project to encapsulate the project’s vision into a tangible product.

From here, page by page we review, incorporate feedback, and approve. We iterate quickly to sign-off on the deliverables to move to our No Code Designers, or what we like to call our “Devigners” (visual developer designers). 
Once we have our prototypes and designs completed, we transition into our No Code tools to bring the project to life. You'll be able to watch every-step of the way with a live preview link. Each page will be tracked, developed, reviewed and approved.
If we captured some “Custom development” pieces within our scope of work, we will take care of those deliverables in this phase of the project to ensure our integrations, automations, or connections are working correctly with our front-end designs. This includes API Integrations, Custom Forms, Membership Sites, Ecommerce, Customer Logins or Portals, Micro-Services (Zoom, Calendly, Gmail), etc. 
CMS Setup, Migration, and SEO
If your project contains heavy amounts of content to migrate (blog posts, images, events, content specific pages, etc.), or requires a site migration to a new hosting platform, we have you covered. We start identifying these technical pieces early on to ensure the final steps of the project are smooth.

Need SEO? We have you covered. While we won’t call ourselves SEO experts, we will build a strong SEO foundation for you to grow easily.

Keyword Research & “Serp-In” Content
Setup On-Page SEO (Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Headlines, Header Tags, URLs,  Image Optimization)
Customize and Redirect Slugs (301 Redirects)
XML Sitemap
Helpful 404 Page
Alt Tags
If your deliverables do not require any training, you can skip this step. That includes branding, campaigns, last minute creatives, or other small projects. If we are delivering a brand-new website or automation architecture to you, don’t worry.

We will dedicate a portion of our time in our last session to transfer all the knowledge you need to manage your website long after we are gone. From a collection of easy to watch videos to walking you through your new tools, we walk you through it step-by-step. 
Before we handoff your deliverables, we will check… then check again… Oh and check again. And maybe once more to MAKE SURE your deliverables come with the quality you expected.

Lastly, if we built you a brand new website, we will transfer over hosting so that you can pick your plan for your site (no upcharges or fees). Don’t want to launch with Webflow or their hosting plans? No worries, we’ll help you migrate the website to another platform of your choice with our easy export option.