How to Build a Brand Supported for the Future

Building a platform that provides functionality and creates brand presence for the future is often difficult but can be accomplished. Whitecube Business Events came to us with that exact problem. CEO, Romasha Nath, asked us, “How do we build a platform that enables us to provide core functionality for our users, while building our brand presence for the future?” Knowing price, time, and creativity were at the heart of Whitecube’s challenges, we presented them with a "No-Code" stack that would set them up for success in both the short and long term. 

We already knew that the Whitecube team needed a solution that prioritized functionality, so naturally our team did the same. As we began architecting this game plan, we initially set aside questions of design, animation, and user experience, taking a utilitarian approach to deliver value where it mattered most. We started with a broad inquiry: What do we need to be able to accomplish on the platform in order to create the best experience possible? Our answers helped us identify the steps we needed to take to build an experience that would send users to the right "hot zones."

We broke our project out into four goals, the pillars we would combine to create a platform capable of delivering a seamless, objectively beneficial experience for users, which in turn would cement Whitecube as a fixture for networking and community building.

First, we created a brand identity that encapsulates both the creativity of a design-led community and the professionalism and authority of an enterprise.

Second, we built a technology stack that emphasizes functionality and enables the key features of a subscription-eCommerce hybrid, with easy-to-use back-end workflows designed to scale, so that Whitecube’s Marketing team can grow the platform sans massive headaches. If the front end is optimized for navigability while the back end is a disaster, then we’ve completely failed to do our job!

Third, we used that brand identity and technology stack to design and build a platform that harnesses best-practice UX and UI concepts to appeal to Whitecube’s target audience.

Fourth, we established a cohesive brand voice intended to promote community, togetherness, and hope for the future of business.

Keeping our original objective in mind, we designed a No-Code stack featuring six different tools, each chosen for a specific, easily identified purpose.

  1. Webflow for front-end design. 
  2. Memberstack for subscription and membership management. 
  3. Webflow eCommerce for one-off studio sessions. 
  4. Slack for community integration and involvement. 
  5. Mailchimp for email campaigns and newsletters.
  6. Zapier for Marketing automation.

Starting with clear parameters, we did what we do best: We employed our creativity to deliver an out-of-the-box experience. The final result? A platform that enables users from diverse targeted audience segments to obtain the information they’re looking for, all in one place. 

From the No-Code architecture, to branding, to design, to the implementation stage, we were extremely deliberate in our approach. We methodically identified and assembled all the pieces we needed to deliver a cohesive platform and brand that, together, provide both optimal functionality and crucial staying power for a forward-thinking business.

This platform is a great use case for No-Code lovers and non-believers alike. It might seem unorthodox to old-school developers, but the innovation of No-Code gives us the unprecedented ability to build robust experiences for our clients without overhauling our timelines, exceeding our budgets, or exhausting our teams. Rethinking how we can deliver future-ready platforms that eliminate pain points and facilitate growth for any business in any industry is where our team excels.

If you want to look more into the full branding, no code stack, etc. please check out the full EDS case study on our work page.

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