How to Differentiate in a Competitive Industry

The payment processing industry is extremely competitive. With a low barrier of entry and the potential for passive income, players big and small have been attracted to the space. Unfortunately for the consumer, this has historically included some characters that only have their own best interests in mind – leading to an environment plagued by fraudulent activity, false promises, and poor customer experiences. 

Swipeport is a payment processor on a mission to bring a human approach to payment, refusing to reduce their clients to dollar signs and choosing instead to view every one of them as a valued partner. Payment processing might be their core service, but their true goal is to provide a new way for business owners to thrive.

Because payment processing is a crowded space, it’s not easy to find fresh ways to stand out. But we knew from the outset that we wanted to position Swipeport as a client-focused company by highlighting their commitment to leading with genuine empathy and care. We identified three key objectives that guided our approach to branding and web design:

Differentiate: Create a cohesive experience that feels inviting and personal throughout.

Build Trust: Establish trust by providing detailed information and resources.

Stand Out: Pass the “first impression test” with a polished brand and web presence.

After employing select creative workshops to help flesh out the vision and narrow our focus, we put together our plan of attack. As is true of everything on the internet these days, we knew we only had a few critical seconds to make a lasting impression. Attention spans of users are on the continual decline and it is imperative to catch their eye and hold their focus as soon as they land on the site. This can be achieved through the activation of emotion, the disruption of expectations, or the invitation to engage with a presented experience. 

With Swipeport, we decided on engagement. Using custom animations, we pull the user into a new era of payment processing – one that leaps off the screen and defies the assumption that payment processing is a boring, oversaturated industry with nothing new to offer. Every detail we incorporated speaks to Swipeport’s commitment to providing a tailored experience to each of their clients.

By refreshing Swipeport’s branding, we were able to draw even more overt distinctions between this company and the current industry standards. Blue is the gold-standard color in financial branding, as an elicitor of trust and indicator of safety, so we chose it as a no-brainer starting point. From there, our design choices were anything but traditional: We opted for neon green highlights to demonstrate the energy and passion that the Swipeport team brings to their work, leveraging their financial expertise to cultivate true partnerships with their clients. 

These two colors speak to Swipeport’s ethos in ways that are simultaneously subtle and overt, infusing bold new flair into a time-honored industry. They also help to ensure that the web design passes the "first glance test," establishing Swipeport as a strong competitor when researched by potential customers.

Swipeport's hands-on, client-centric approach to payment processing sets them apart in an industry dogged by bad actors and generic services.

It was our goal to design branding and a website that would immediately differentiate them from their competitors, both visually and experientially.

By matching the youthful exuberance and dedication to excellence demonstrated by the Swipeport team, we created a custom, eye-catching solution that pairs fun with poise to make it clear that the tailored services they offer are intentionally contrarian for optimized results that empower clients to grow thriving businesses.

Finally, a payment processing experience designed with business owners in mind, by people who care. 

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