MOKO X Shadow Creative Studios

We are beyond thrilled to announce Moko has launched their highly anticipated industry-rattling influencer streaming platform with the help of Shadow Creative Studios. From start to finish, Shadow has been an instrumental part in developing the brand, application, and digital platform. Not to mention... all in NO CODE.

Moko is a brand-new streaming network that provides a platform for uplifting and inspiring content created by influencers all across the globe. Moko’s core belief is that positivity has the power to change lives, and by extension, change the world. With topics ranging from environmental awareness, travel, mindset, and artisans, there is content to inspire anyone and everyone.  

Moko is the streaming network that gives a damn and was created to make the world a better place. This value is reflected as a pillar of their business model, giving back monthly to a variety of handpicked nonprofit organizations. MOKO has committed to give 20%of every subscription to a different charity monthly. Currently they have teamed up with; Lonely Whale, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Rachel’s Gift, and Kiss the Ground.

Moko founder and CEO Thomas Cantley wanted to marry the idea of content and giving back. “Our platform allows people to watch amazing videos while also feeling good that they changed someone’s life with their subscription. Subscribing and then donating is a pretty cool thing, no streaming platform has that element,” said Canteley.“Our monthly subscription costs less than a cup of Starbucks coffee and goes directly back to the creators and our partnered charities.”

Not only is Moko an influencer streaming network designed to bring innovation and creators together to influence good in the world, but they are aiming to transform the way the world streams through personalized suggestions, new original series, and exclusive content from your favorite influencers. Moko prides themselves on focusing on creators and not secluding them to a box, they want their creators to do what they do best... Create!

Working with Thomas and the entire Moko team has been creatively liberating. As an agency, we always hope for creative, impactful, and innovative projects, but you don’t always get all three. With Moko, not only were we able to shape the brand and implement a truly innovative platform, but the impact Moko’s content will have is life changing for some of their users, and we are grateful that our team played a role in making that happen.

This is the true use case for no code. Using innovative technology like Webflow and Bubble to create the entire platform with extremely minimal code. Iterative and agile are understatements to what our teams we able to do in such a short amount of time. We are extremely excited about Moko’s future and hope this is the start for many years of success for their company.

We could not be more excited to be working with the team at Moko. Their platform is changing the way that people stream, how they connect with one other, and helping to make a difference in the world.

Check out Moko today:

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