The Anti Agency is an Evolution of Right

Why do we do things a certain way? Why do we think the “right way” of doing something is “right?”

Is it because we thought it through and figured out the best way to do it? Or did we test it a few times to see if it actually works? Or did we see it work and say to ourselves the old, but trusty, saying of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Let me give you an example.

Whenever my girlfriend and I are washing our bed set, we always come to the most satisfying part of this extremely fun and “i’m so happy I spent time doing this” part of putting the pillow shams back into the pillows. Each time I start, I grab the pillow sham and scrunch it up all the way like i’m putting on a long sock. I place the pillow on the end of the scrunched up sham and shimmy it up the pillow.

At this point, my girlfriend is always staring at me like “how did you get this far in life” as if this method is a waste of time. She then proceeds to take the other pillow sham, put her arms through the sides of the sham, place it around backside of the pillow and pull it through EASILY. And, I mean she does three pillows in the time I did one pillow easy.

The reason I tell this story isn’t to prop up my partner for some brownie points (even though it’s probably the opposite because even when the end of the story ends with propping her up, she will focus on the “how did you get this far in life?” stare), but rather to show that the reason why I did my pillow sham like that and why I will continue to do it this way is because of one reason.

  1. I saw my dad do it when I was younger and it worked.

Once my mind latched onto the concept of “Okay, this works”, I put it into practice because it was that simple. It worked. But, did it really? So for 20 years, I’ve been doing something where other people doing the same thing do it 3X faster.

At this point, you might be going — what in the world does putting on a pillow sham one way or the other have to do with a Marketing Company? But, it has everything do with any Company. Not just ours.

To provide some context to a long story, I’ll try and make this quick. For a few years, my co-founder and I had a Marketing Agency built off of what we saw, what others told us worked, what our inspirations were. We looked at Huge, Deloitte Digital, Ogilvy, and other huge Agencies and went “Wow.. if we just do it like them we can make it so easily.” We had the foundational knowledge and tools to get this done so we started the company without a second look and we were successful. We had amassed over 10+ clients in the first year without even a website. Just the laurels of how we could speak on Marketing in a way that sounded like the companies I mentioned before.

But, the problem in all of this comes back to the pillow sham. I saw this thing being done, that worked, and went that’s how I’ll do it. I didn’t question it because I could tangibly see IT WORKED. I could see how each of these Agencies became who they are and how they did it. But that’s the biggest problem, I saw it and never questioned it for myself. I didn’t take the biggest lesson in life you can ever obtain.

Keep Learning. Because when you try to learn, you ask questions, when you ask questions, you are thinking why, when you are thinking why you are thinking about different ways of doing things.

Before I get to the end of this, let me say what I’m not saying.

I’m not saying people ONLY do things because of other people. I’m not saying people DO NOT have the ability to make decisions for themselves.

But, what I am saying is people, most likely, are doing something a certain way because they have seen it done before and deemed it “successful” in their mind. Once they determined it successful, the alternatives become obsolete in their mind. An alternative becomes a distraction whereas an alternative can be the difference between doing something the “right” way versus finding the evolution of what “right” is in the first place.

The Anti-Agency for Shadow Creative Studios is an evolution of what is “right.” What has been “right.” And maybe, what will be “right” for years to come.

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