The Journey to a Better Tomorrow

How Aingeal Therapeutics is developing a new approach to cure depression.

// Let’s Fix Your Brain. Together.

Over the past few years, mental health has become a much talked about topic of conversation. Most of us understand that our mental health is important and that we should protect it. Yet, most treatments for brain disorders such as depression, anxiety, and more are still handled in very old fashion ways.

Aingeal Therapeutics has set out to create a new way to treat our brain and its conditions. It is rooted in their company vision to involve the patient from the very beginning of the drug discovery journey. This leads to a better understand of issue at hand and, at the end of it all, an improved product.

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// Developing A Novel Treatment For A Novel Target

Brain health, depression, and anxiety are still conditions that are widely misunderstood. They are shrugged off or seen as weak. Aingeal approached us in order to create a website for their patients, that would feel inclusive and welcoming. Our goal was to develop an experience of education and acceptance.

Just like Aingeal is taking a novel approach to brain health, we wanted to try a different angle on how to bring their experience to life. Throughout the entire design, we focused on easily relaying the most important information while making the journey feel effortless and familiar.

// Meet Ollie

Our exploration lead us to create Ollie the Orb. Throughout the experience, Ollie is our guide. He is an orb made up of all of our emotions. Just like all of us, Ollie never just feels one thing. Instead, he is a complex melting pot of emotions that make up his current state of mind.

With the help of Ollie, we were able to tell the story of Aingeal through a different lens. This is not just another drug, but a new approach to mental health all together.

By the Patient. For the Patient. Of the Patient.

what they said...

After years in the production industry, Thomas Cantley, Founder & CEO of Moko, realized that the way things are done got broken somewhere down the road. High production costs leave content creators scrambling, while depressing content is the only real cure to low attention spans. It was time to bring good moods back to the screen while also shifting the power back to where it belonged - in the hands of the creators.

Moko is a new kind of streaming platform that is centered around having a positive impact on the world. All content comes from creators that are focused on doing good while 25% of all subscription go to charity. Every. Single. Month.

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