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Watching your kids grow up is one of the most fascinating experience of life. It seems that every single day they take huge strides, learn something new, or pickup a new skill. We now know that the early development of children’s ability to learn is a crucial aspect of their overall development.

Stories are great teachers. The capture hearts, open minds, and engage memories. That is why Encantos developed their Storyteaching app - the easiest way for kids to learn in the language the love most: play.

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// Life Long Love of Learning

The amazing people over at Encantos have been telling stories for a long time. After years of producing and distributing children’s books and games, it was now time to take the leap into the digital space. Their new Storyteaching app was already in development and they needed a powerful website to support their launch.

The goal was to create an interactive experience for their customers that would feel informative while still remaining playful. It was important to explain their approach while also building credibility through their many years in the field.

// This is Storyteaching

With the power of Webflow, we were able to create a wonderful experience for their customers. Subtle animations bring the site to life, while the beautiful branding and graphics lead the way throughout the experience.

Fused together with some powerful integrations, we were able to turn their site into a information-filled hub for any potential customer. Parents can rest easy knowing that their kids are learning through meaningful experiences that encourage play, creativity, and connection.

what they said...

After years in the production industry, Thomas Cantley, Founder & CEO of Moko, realized that the way things are done got broken somewhere down the road. High production costs leave content creators scrambling, while depressing content is the only real cure to low attention spans. It was time to bring good moods back to the screen while also shifting the power back to where it belonged - in the hands of the creators.

Moko is a new kind of streaming platform that is centered around having a positive impact on the world. All content comes from creators that are focused on doing good while 25% of all subscription go to charity. Every. Single. Month.

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